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Phree-ly was born in 2020, on a beautiful morning toward the end of winter and the beginning of spring, when the bright, clear, cloudless sky left ample space for a shy and timid sun. Its heart, already warm, was trying to melt the ice on the little pond embedded between an old stone wall and an ever-lush and green ivy.

Phree-ly was born on the edge of this pond, during one of the most difficult and saddest periods in the history of humanity. An unexpected thought revealed itself; this thought became a dream, and then a reality. 

We planted the seed of a beautiful, bold and daring project: to offer all human beings, through the Phree-ly method, a path toward freedom. A path to search for their inner strength, also during difficult and dark moments, in order to obtain the goal of a serene, balanced life, full and rich of meaning. 

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